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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 5, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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[ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. all right. >> an ambulance and you hear people clapping.
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apparently someone has just been rescued in that building collapse in philadelphia. that is the latest word we have. we are going t going to go nowa live news conference breaking news in philadelphia as we speak. this is what authorities are telling us. >> the good news that we did make a rescue and she is alive. she was talking to the firefighters and they were recovering her. she was taken in the ambulance i think you saw and taken right up to the hospital. >> they found them. they were digging in the area where they located other individuals and that is how they came upon her. >> after a long day how did it feel to find someone alive. >> feels outstanding to pull somebody alive. >> what did she say? >> she was talking to the firefighters who pulled her out. letting them know that she there was and she was okay. >> how did you locate her are? was she talking to him. >> i think they were digging and they felt her and she was able to respond and squeeze
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their hand or something. >> do you believe there might still be others? >> we don't know. they are the individuals we know of. she is the last of the individuals we are looking for. that is all of the information we he have. i just wanted to share the good news. myra. >> she lived in east division. >> east division. >> all right. there you go. a live news conference happening right now in philadelphia where word is that is 61-year-old woman has just been pulled out alive and talking to her rescuers. good sign as they take her away to the treated after all long -- after all day long they he searched the rubble. half an hour ago they wrapped up another news conference but this happening live with good news from philadelphia. good evening. i'm dan ashley. the wad new bad news is the del jumped there. the building was demolished when it fell and crashed into a salvation army store next door. the mayor of philadelphia says
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six bodies were found inside the store. >> people have lost their lives today. family members have lost a loved one. there are six people who died. one man and five women. mayhat comment from the mayor literally half an hour ago. one woman was buried under the degree for two hours. search crews searched about 60% of the area. we will continue to keep you updated on this. they will it continue searching for victims into the night. but as you heard from that paramedic there on the scene live a moment ago it' peers that that was the last person that 61-year-old woman that they pulled out alive. the last person that they know of was trapped inside the building. after a long hard day on the terrible scene in philadelphia as you heard, felt pretty good for rescuers to pull someone out alive. move on for the moment again and keep you updated here in
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this hour if there is anything new and on twitter @ abc 7 news bay area. our reporting continues constantly there. a look an exclusive from abc 7 news. we learned the cause of that fire that killed five women riding in a limousine on the san mateo bridge last night. vic lee with a story that you will see only on abc 7 news. >> reporter: five women died when they were engulfed in flames inside the limo. this cell phone video shows the fire started in the rear of the stretch limo. chp investigators have been examining the charred wreck at this towing lot in redwood city. abc 7 news has learned that the air springs in the rear of the limo somehow ruptured setting off a domino effect that led to the fire. the owner of a garage that services limousines explains the sequence of events. >> these are air springs. they carry the weight of the
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car. when there is one of them has a rupture the whole car drops down to basiccal almost all of the tires. >> explains why witnesses say the back of the lincoln town car was extremely low to the the ground while moving across the bridge. >> when the car drops down this part of the driveline usually it will be hitting on this part the right here. >> okay. >> and that will create a friction and then it winds up a lot of heat. >> that night it did carry a heavier load than usual. there were nine aboard. one more than its permit allowed. >> the car would be jumping like a horse if there is a load in it, it will be bottoming on the ground. i think that is what happened. bottomed on the ground and the grass tank is right there. the car with the weight it bounced down too hard and ended up hitting the gas tank which is right on this spot here and might have hit the gas tank and then you see when it hit the ground it will create a spark. there is a spark here and a
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fuel going down so it catches fire. >> reporter: and now that the chp has figured out what caused the fire, the criminal investigation continues and that will involve the san mateo county d.a. offense. they will want to know if there was any criminal negligence involved in the maintenance of that limousine. vic lee, abc 7 news. an all-out assault on a wildfire in lake county is paying off. it is burning just south of clear lake in clear lake park. here are pictures taken late today by the lake county news. the fire has burned at least 25-acres to this point. people have said they can see smoke for miles around. firefighters say the flames were moving quickly up hill and toward power lines. key can tell you the fire is now 75% contained. seat utility regulator face serious accusations from the city of san brew yo bruno.
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city officials claim the california public utilities commission reassigned lawyers and forced them to resign or fire them outright. they had been working on determining the penalties pg&e would face for the deadly explosion. >> the disarray inside of the puc troubles us greatly. we are greatly concernd that a reasonable fair and just outcome can be obtained at this point. >> the cpuc defended itself today saying the attorneys asked to be rehe assigned to other matters and that their requests were granted. pg&e faces $2.25 billion in proposed penalties. the cpuc filed a brief today challenging pg&e's appeal of the potential fines. well, in the east bay a city is taking a new approach at trying to stop crime in their neighborhood. piedmont which borders oakland approved installing 39 cameras along streets that enter and exit high crime area of the
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city. we will know who is coming and going authorities say, covering 15 streets will cost piedmont over $675,000. the cameras will capture images and vehicle license plates to track who is moving through the city but not everyone is willing to give up privacy for safety. >> makes me a little uncomfortable having someone know who is going in and out o of the city at all times. it is public property and public space and i think we should be able to move in and out without being monitored all of the time. >> the license plate reader cameras are part of a piedmont crime prevention plan. the city hired four new officers and is reaching out to residents to form neighborhood watch groups. very sad news to report about a car crash that killed a three-year-old yesterday that we told you about. well, it has now claimed the life of his mother. the car was split in half after slamming into a tree yesterday afternoon. the father gilbert gill lost control. he was speeding police say.
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the mother, josie gill had to be rescued from the wreckage. she died at the hospital today. the three-year-old was in a child seat but was thrown from the car when it split in two. you can see how violent the crash was. the father remains at the hospital in stable condition tonight and could face charges. more than 1.6 million americans reported thieves snatched their cell phones last year. that crime is really on the rise. law enforcement officials from san francisco and new york say enough is enough. they are meeting with cell phonemakers next week for what the d.a. is calling a cell phone summit. >> all i thought was my life was in that phone. my calendar and contacts and e-mails. like my life is literally in the phone. >> reporter: that explains why he tried to fight off two men who stole his iphone in san francisco's castro neighborhood. he ended up beaten and bruised in the process. half of all of the robberies in the city involve cell phones.
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all the while, there is a simple solution. according to district attorney george gasgone. >> if is phone can be rendered inoperable ones it is reported stolen, the market value is no longer there. >> the technology exists and now he and york state attorney general are pressure youing the industry to implement a remote kill switch on all cell phones. he says samsung is stepping up but elsewhere there is reluctance. >> the response has been from really nothing out of google motorola or microsoft to with apple initially it was frankly a very disengine with us response. >> none of the companies responded to the criticism today but a spokesperson points
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to a database they have created to track stolen phones saying in a statement as more countries and more carriers around the world participate criminalll h slen devices but gascon considers the ineffective. the head of lookout will attend the so-called smartphone summit in new york next week to offer advice. >> right now there is everything from discussions of black lists but there are interesting things that might be done on the software layer that we he need to be done as a group. >> the so called smart phone summit is next thursday in new york city. a lot more to come here on abc 7 news at 9:00. parents want them open, the school district wants them closed. the fight over three oakland schools and the last ditch effort to save them. also still ahead, why it will soon be harder to find junk food in the nation's national parks.
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spencer christian is here with the weather. looking at temperatures rising. i mean rising sharply as we approach the weekend. i wi ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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oakland schools begin the summer break after tomorrow. but for one school may be the last day period. american indian public charter schools were told by the district they had to close after the charter was revoked. parents are hoping for a last minute decision that will keep the school open. abc 7 news education reporter lyanne melendez has the story. >> an alameda county superior court judge will decide if american indian model schools can remain open. their last day is supposed to be tomorrow. parents and administrators filed an application for a temporary restraining order after the oakland unified school district ousd revokeddity charter after h found a number of irregularities. >> we are hoping that this restraining order which is temporary would prehe vent ousd
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from doing anything from allowing us to move forward while this decision is still unresolved. >> parents have appealed to the alameda county board of education but you board members have yet to decide. the three schools locat in oakland want to reopen on june 20th for their extended summer program. but without a decision from the board they can't. this that is why they are hoping a superior court judge will intervene. the action was criticized by oakland unified. >> the board voted and now it rest ares with the county. american indian model schools leadership is trying to go out of with the petition and we will comply with whatever the courts decide. >> the founder is no longer affiliated with the schools. he lives in north carolina but we caught up with him today while in oakland. >> you can make any accusations. you don't have is to prove them but you shouldn't punish the
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kids. >> the uncertainty has affected the 1200 student its here, teachers and parents who are now forced to consider moving to other schools. >> plan b is moving because i don't want to -- i don't want him to attend any other schools in the oakland untied school district. >> bernadette says if they leave they will go to a private school. >> they looked at her and her grades and said you are way ahead of the game. >> the schools may open in late august if the ail immediate da county board of education allows them to. that decision is expected by july 18. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. if you are traveling a reversal tonight for the tsa. after intense criticism from politicians, unions and the airlines, the agent icy is dropping a proposal to let passengers carry is small knives on to planes. the ban went into effect after the september 11th attacks of course when hijackers attacked airline crews with box cutters. tsa screeners confiscate more
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than 2,000 small knives from passengers every day. the ban also applies to bats and golf clubs. good news for a 10-year-old philadelphia girl diein dieingm cystic fibrosis. a federal judge made her eligible to seek donor lungs from an adult transplant list. the rulin rulisn effect until june 14. sarah has been hospitalized for she months and has not been able to find a donor. transplant rules state that children under age 12 must wait for pediatric lungs to become available which is rather. sarah's doctors believe they can perform a successful transplant with adult lungs. so wish sarah well. as more and more people consume the energy drinks have you tried them. a new study finds that they aren't really all that helpful. according to a study at the association for psychological science water and caffeine is about the same as having water plus a five hour energy.
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consumers commonly use energy drinks because it is thought they have the extra boost over caffeine but not true say researchers. a cup of coffee they say packs the same punch. interesting. spencer christian here with the weather forecast. blustery but warming up. >> aig warm-up is coming our way. starting tomorrow we will feel it. a look at live doppler 7hd. skies mainly clear around the bay area. the fog pushing across the bay during the overnight hours. looking along the embarcadero. 54 degrees in san francisco. 46 oakland. 59 san jose. a look at the golden gate bridge which looks a little foggy by really just a light mist in the area. the it temperature readings in other locations. 56 santa rosa and napa. 61 fairfield. 57 union city. the other side of the bay bridge from the high denver ricks south beach camera in
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downtown san francisco as we take a look at the forecast features. overnight tonight, fog and low clouds pushing locally inland. mild to warm tomorrow afternoon. wambacher than today. going to be -- warmer than today. hot inland on friday and saturday. high temperatures climb into the upper 90s. a beach hazard late tonight to late friday mainly for the south facing beaches in the santa cruz area. a possibility of rip currents and large shore breaks. ware that in mind. getting back to the fog pattern today. sunshine along the sonoma county coastline for awhile today. fog came back pressing up against the entire coastline later in the day. that is where it is right now as it begins the push locally inland tonight. high pressure building in to dominate for the next three days. compress the mall near the coast and give us hot conditions inland and warm
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conditions around the bay. a look at the projected 7 day high temperature trend for livermore and you can see the peak of the warming will occur on friday and saturday and highs in livermore reach 96 and 95 degrees respectively. a sharp drop off on sunday and further drop off on monday and tuesday with highs only in the upper 70s after mid 90s on friday and saturday. overnight tonight, mild conditions and foggy conditions for much of the day area. lows generally in the low 50s. tomorrow's highs in the south bay, upper 70s for the most part. 79 at san jose. 77 redwood city and mountain view. pacifica 59 degrees. half moon bay 61. downtown san francisco a high of 65. 61 in the sunset district. north bay highs upper 70s to around 80 at calistoga. 79 sonoma. east bay highs reaching 72 at oakland and hayward. 76 at castro valley and fremont and inland east bay quite a bit
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warmer tomorrow with highs near 09 degrees in some spots. the accuweather seven-day forecast. so the two hot days inland will be friday and saturday with highs just shy of 100 degrees actually in the warmest inland locations up to 98. upper 80s around the boy. upper 60s along the coast. temperatures drop sharply across the board on sunday and further coolin cooling monday,y and wednesday. >> kind of on the weather roller coast. that is exactly what is looks like. >> thank you so much. >> still to come. flood waters receding in the midwest but there still is trouble coming. why residents theremy not want to move the sandbags just yet. nasa gearing up for ar a road p you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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good evening. ten months after landing on the red planet the mars rover curiosity is going on a road trip. nasa engineers have decided to move the car sized explorer towards a nearis by mountain. that had been the plan all along but scientists wanted to test out the rover high tech instruments on martian rocks and dirt. the detour paid off. curious the found evidence that mars may have once been habitable but still no actual signs of life. meantime scientists have discovered the world's oldest bone tumor in the rib of a neanderthal man more than 120,000 years old. the top image shows the bone with the carvity caused by the tumor. a normal bone is at the bottom of the screen. the fossil was found years ago in what is now crow yeah sharon
9:27 pm
stone. scientists used new technology to detect the tumor. above the oldest was 4,000 years old. this is considerably older than that. the same tumor affects people today. scientists theorize that they may have gotten disease from inhaling smoke from the fires in their caves. you might find less junk food on the menu the next time you visit a national park. parks will offer healthier options. whole meals along with locally grown items. the changes fall in line with first lady michelle obama's movement for america to eat healthier food. they serve 23.5 million visit 84s each year. san jose sharks tank is getting a brand new name. sap center will replace hp pavilion as the name of the home aflee. this comes after hewlett pack card mov ed end its current
9:28 pm
naming rights deal. the sap founder happens to be the sharks majority owner by the way. the sharks and the city will each get a little more than $1.6 million per year from the deal. the city council will vote on the deal later this month. expected to approve it. this will mark the facility's fourth name since it opened as san jose arena back in 1993. soon to be known as the is sap center. a lot more to come here tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00. through adversity and tragedy one graduating senior is committed to beating the odds. her inspirational story coming up. and a big change coming to a big hotel. why guests may not the receive the level of pampering that they are used to. stay with us. another half hour of abc 7 news
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the first named storm of the atlantic season has formed in the gulf of mexico. terroristropical stormen andrea expected to bring wet weather to florida by the end the week. andrea is expected to make landfall sometime tomorrow and that may bring even more rain to an already flooded part of the country. many midwest rivers are in flood stage tonight. near st. louis, water flowed atwo levies along the mississippi river force, the closure of bridges. many businesses are using sandbags to try to stop the flooding. >> the thing that happens is. >> you can't stop the river. >> you can't stop it. >> the water has started to recede but it could be more than a week before residents in the area can really relax and be assured that the danger over he. let's go to the central valley in california.
9:33 pm
suffering from a debilitating disease and living through tragedy. a graduating senior is not letting her hardships stop her from succeeding in life. dale has the story now from fresno. ♪ >> seniors rehearsed the ad walk knowing the challenges of the past will prepare them for the future. no one knows that better than brittany tolbert who was born with cerebral palsy. while finding her are way in elementary school, terrorists attacked america. >> my dad died on september 11th. >> lieutenant commander vince tolbert of the u.s. navy died at the pentagon on 9/11. >> i miss my dad so much. >> brittany actually won the oner to address the seniors after a class vote. besides her struggles with
9:34 pm
cerebral palsy and learning to cope without her dad she shared typical teenage struggles like missing her big sister who attends georgetown. >> it is really easy for her to be an angry kid but she is not. ehe is see ternal optimism and sunshine and happ happiness. >> she plans to be an intelligencenalyst. the tolbert girls are becoming young adults their mother has a battle of her own. >> then last year my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. >> sherri tolbert had no idea brittany was crafting is such a touching speech about her family and her father. >> she was always very wore realitied about who was going to be in heaven in front of her and so right after he died i said to her, i said brittany you don't have to worry about that any more, daddy is in heaven to take care of you it
9:35 pm
if you happen to go there before mommy and mommy is here. you have the best of both worlds. >> not even a recent broken leg can keep brittany's spiritswn. >> if i can make it through all these obstacles and commit to excellence i know the rest of our graduating class can, too. >> in fresno, abc 7 news. the centers for disease control is now reporting 49 cases of hepatitis a connected to frozen berries sold at costco. there are three known cases in the bay area. one is a target pharmacy employee who works at the hayward and san leandro stores. sad news in thent stainment world. the drummer for jefferson airplane has died. he died in a car accident in palm spring. his sedan slammed head on into a wall yesterday evening,
9:36 pm
knocking over a tree he. one witness tried to do cpr but to no avail. he was the only one in the car and was not wearing a seatbelt. a self-taught drummer since the age of 10 he helped found group hot tuna. johe was 67 years old. the film festival kicks off tomorrow. this year one of the films is directed by our own i-team investigator dan noyes and tells the story of the most decorated high school cross country coach in california and his battle with lou gehrig's disease. >> the courageous effort. >> reporter: it was the amazing video that inspired a nation. san francisco's university high school cross country runner holland reynolds collapses from dehydration only feet from the finish lien but musters enough strength to crawl to the finish. holland says the coach jim tracy inspired her to make the famous finish. he had just been diagnosed with a devastating disease als.
9:37 pm
>> starting the race we all knew that we had to run as fast as we could and as hard as we could for jim and i think that was reflected in my finish. >> it meant that she and i were on the same page all of the time. the achievement page. let's do something important. let's get it done page. >> year's after holland's finish jim tracy now uses a wheel chair but is still coaching young athletes. his story inspired a new documentary running for jim. the film follows jim from the track to medical appointments. >> blast it out. blast it. go, go, go. that's it. that's at the. come on, coach. >> there are some championship pennants here in the high school gym and 30 won by jim's runners over the years. all modesty aside he say there's is a reason for that. >> i didn't want my illness to get in the way of all that kids
9:38 pm
are going to achieve. when you are working with young people you want them to achieve and understand there is a world of achievement out there all right ahead of him. >> the documentary was made by abc 7 news i-team reporter dan noyes whose own father in law suffered from als, a disease with no cure. >> that is the whole point is to raise awareness and raise money for research and raise money for jim to help him as he battles the disease. >> coach jim says movie or not as long as he is able he will keep coming to work to do what he loves the most. in san francisco, cornel bernard, abc 7 news. wonderful film. you can watch running for jim at the san francisco film festival. it airs friday at the balboa theater at 7:00 p.m. and at the rockiesy theater sunday at 3:00 and monday at 7:00 p.m. we are all quite proud of dan noyes for his wonderful effort at film making. coming up, the power of a computer for about 50 bucks. how this small piece of technology is empowering people
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technology is empowering people to create all sor amazing [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks.
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jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. listen to this. room service eliminated at one of new york city biggest hotel hes jes the hilton hotel plans to eliminate room service during the summer. management citeds a lack of demand from guests and high labor costs for shutting down the 24/7 amenity. some tourists don't think it is a huge loss but it might seem strange to some other visitor. imagine a computer that fits in your hand and costs less than 50 bucks. there is one and it is taking really the world by storm. tonight abc 7 news business and technology reporter david louie checks out the growing interest in this amazing gadget.
9:43 pm
>> tinkerers and do it yoursomers from around the world flooded themakers fair in san mateo. the do dads got plenty of people gawking. a tiny little computer had everybody talking. >> it is in everything. >> it is a single board microcontroller designed to it easier to incorporate electronics into, well,. >> brain controlled helicopter. >> anything. >> so much cool stuff you can enable. we have like three computers. >> farrah day electric bicycles built them into their bikes. >> so much going on. an ambient light sensor that turns on the lights automatically. we will have bluetooth to talk to your phone and track where the bike is and how far you have riden adjust the pedal with this. >> it can be scaled down to a small quarter. it is a simple straightforward
9:44 pm
computer circuit word that contains just the basics needed for programming. a decade ago people would have to make one of these from scratch. >> taken a medium level hobby wishobbyist a week to accomplih you can accomplish in a matter of minutes. >> mossimo bonzi is one of the founders. >> i see all of the amazing of that people are doing and i'm constantly still finding moments where i go wow. >> he shared ardueno with the world allowing any one to buy it and use it any way they want. >> the angle is to take people that have no experience in electronics and software and make them able to create this kind of intelligent interactive object. >> a growing trend of people building things. it costs less than $50. >> the ardueno is not the more advanced board available and that is by design.
9:45 pm
the goal is to keep the design simple to give people a chance to learn and then build on the technology themselves. >> if you make it easy tore people to use they can create amazing stuff. i think it is more important to take care of the experience that people have that they he learn when they use than too give them more power. >> david louie, abc 7 news. remarkable. we have a winner. we now know who won the biggest undivided lottery jackpot in his tore arery and it is all because of the courtesy of a strange that she won. strange that she won. look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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the c. l. ic. l. weather is changing, once again. >> clear skies around the bay and inland. fog at the coast tomorrow.
9:49 pm
tightwide sunny skies through the central part of the state with highs over 100 at chico, fresno and palm springs. in the bay area sunny skies and our warm-up begins as well with high temperatures into the upper 80s in some spots. up to 90 at antioch. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. the peak of the warming will h occur on friday and saturday. as inland highs climb into the upper 90s and upper 80s around the bay and up youer 60s on the coast. temperatures start to taper off rather sharply on sunday. further cooling on monday, tuesday and wednesday. py the way, summer officially begins in just over a fortnight. >> me thinks you're right. we now know he the identity of the winner of the biggest jackpot in power ball history. 84-year-old gloria mckenzie won the record-setting $590 million jackpot to become the largest sole lottery winner in history. she is from a town near tampa where the ticket was purchased.
9:50 pm
she chose the lump-sum payment just under about $371 million before taxes. she released a statement read before a lottery official. she may not have won the jackpot if it was not for the kindness of a strange. >> while in line at publix another lottery player was kind enough to let me he go ahead of them in line to purchase the winning quick pick ticket. >> can you believe it. there is no word yet if gloria will give a cut of her winnings to the lottery player who let her get her it ticket first. maybe a nice gesture anyway. >> i knew i should have stood in the line. >> you won't make that mistake again. >> a pretty go ahead story. >> hopefully she gives that person a cut. assuming they he could find the person. a few million bucks. >> she has 371 million. she has plenty. she will be fine. >> how could it pitch that floats in at 60 miles an hour
9:51 pm
be so hard to hit? look at 'em.
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coming up at 11:00, secret court order requiring a major american phone company to turn over records on every phone call millions of them. we'll show you the contents of the new public top secret document. medical pot for pets? pane reliever or just mad medicine? those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 on abc 7 tiny for that. sports director larry beil is here. a lot to talk about. giants. >> giants and a's played day games today. when thrown properly the knuckle wall can be the slowest softest most beforeling pitch ever to try to hit. the giants saw plenty today from r.a. dickey. a little fun in the cove.
9:55 pm
stroke. stroke. barry zito on the h hill for the giants. a little help from the d. a full extension. nice. trouble in the fifth, though. the bunt play. the pitcher r.d. dickey fakes the bunt and smacks the rbi double. blanco in, 1-0 toronto. later in the fifth. ex-giant mark derosa knocks home two more. 4-0 jays. xi toe's first loss at home since last august. that was marco scudero. that will leave a mark. blue jays win it 4-0. >> the fifth inning was the achilles heel today and being unable to minimize the damage. giving up a couple of hits. that one hurt for me. >> meanwhile the red hot a's
9:56 pm
in interleague play against the milwaukee brewers. colon. went 7 innings. the struck out four. josh donaldson. a 1-1 tie in the 7th. bases loaded. here somes sespudis and he scores. here is comes and there it goes. brandon moss. three-run jack. his ninth of the year. a's have won 16 of their last 19 games. not nba, the spurs and heat square off in game one of the finals tomorrow night in miami. last time the spurs were in the finals was 2007 against lebron james and his cleveland cavaliers. the spurs swept the cavs. james says he is 50 times stronger than he was in '07. game is much improved. still has the bitter taste of defeat in his mouth. >> beat us on the home floor and celebrated on the home floor and i won't forget that. as a competitor you should never forget that. the same group of guys for the most part. the same big three and coach
9:57 pm
p and i look forward to the challenge, once again. >> game one is tomorrow night over on abc 7 the pregame starts at 5:30.m. and ti just after 6:00. join us for a about special edition of toyota after the game. our special guest warriors forward harrison barnes. that is him on the right. i'm on the left. if you have questions for harrison we would love to hear from you. tweet me @ espn ful larry beil. ballharity bocci bail tournament. abc 7's own bocci ball expert mike shumann took in the festivities today in livermore. >> steve mariucci threw out the first pitch and the tournament was on. big fans of each other until the games begin. it isky between mariucci and
9:58 pm
madden. >> i can see it in your face already. >> where is he? >> he just walked in. >> he is going down. >> coach madden brought in bring ringers all the way from ann arbor michigan. >> if i have the nuns here and they are on my side you can't lose. you can't not help. >> the dominican sisters call themselves nun better. >> so many people coming up and they kind of recalling their catholic school backgrounds and stirring up a lot of consciences here today. >> i was an altar boy myself. >> it all comes out. >> can you believe that? >> no. >> six bay area teams represented along with the local colleges. what up with the men in skirts? >> we always wear the skirts to recognize our heritage. >> what heritage would that be? >> italian. >> italian? >> i'm sorry. no, it's irish. oh, i'm sorry. >> no, scottish! >> it's scottish!
9:59 pm
>> today's champions will get their names right here on the trophy but the real winners of the event are the charitys. >> we raised nearly $4 million over that time. >> all for kids charity. and we do a lot for special olympics, juvenile diabetes, the high schools. >> athletes, nuns and men in skirts. it doesn't get any better than that. in livermore, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. that is fun. nhl eastern conference finals bruins and penguins. straight to the second overtime. brad mar passing to bergeron. that is it. the longest game in the playoffs this season is over. 2-1 b's. the bruins take a commanding 3 h-0 series lead. that is tough to overcome. >> yeah, pittsburgh is done. >> thank you very much. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. for spencer christian and larry beil i'm dan ashley. thank you for watching. thank you for watching.
10:00 pm
well, this is an interesting development. this is not good. do you think maybe he's just vacationing, though? no, charlie, there's blocks in front and back of his tires. he's not going anywhere. no, this guy's going to be here for a little while. and once one rv moves onto your street, then all the other rvs start moving onto your street.


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